Nalanda used to be a place of best learning in the world. Today quality of teaching in elementary Schools in the District is poor especially in the government Schools.  Saral Services has mission to work to improve the quality of learning in these Schools.  Saral Services aims to put Nalanda District on the map of best learning in the world.

Nalanda Quality Improvement Project using Computer Aided Learning by SARAL Services was launched from November 2010. However the direct support from SDTT came from April 2011 in Nalanda district of Bihar. 

In this nine month’s pilot phase we have covered 7 Schools and setup one Community computer center where 3 Schools send their students.  We manage to cover 978 students in these 10 Schools.   

Our teachers used eLearning methods to teach English, Maths and Science for class V & VI in the covered Schools.  We used content prepared by Pratham, Azim Premji and Arvind Gupta.  Children accepted the content and enjoyed using them.  Such efforts have helped the children to get the exposure to computers and power of computer in strengthening their weakness.

For understanding the Schools, we have covered 100 Schools (43 Govt. & 57 Private) for baseline survey. Survey was conducted in unique ways.  Staff of Saral did the survey.  It gave the team information and understanding of the Schools and place.  We got connected with many experienced and talented teachers in the process. 

Key finding was that it was important to work with Government Schools as well as Private small School.  Both structures are required for addressing the growing number of children and efforts required to protect their talent and energy.

Development of local content by children was a new and powerful concept. It not only improved their learning it gave them confident about their local resources. 

Training of teacher every month was very useful for continuing our effort with Schools. Two workshops were organized to enhance the participations of the local resource persons in our effort. Workshop was used to layout roadmap for future.