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     The tremendous growth in the use of ICT in India demands an adequate supply of human resources. There is a large and growing gap in the availability of trained personnel. Top IT industry spokespersons have commented on the big gap of the capabilities of the IT graduates and that of the needs of industry. In rural India the requirement for trained personnel is also increasing with the widening spread of ICT caused by many reasons including improved infrastructure, lowering of hardware costs and the emergence of new technologies. One of the key findings of a study conducted by Saral Services2 on the application of ICT in rural India is that IT adoption by rural based micro finance institutions (MFIs) and District Cooperative Banks (DCBs) is handicapped due to inadequate supply of IT trained persons.
    It is ironic that a parallel problem exists of rural unemployment. The fact is that unemployed rural youth for ICT are not employable because they lack adequate technical training, primarily due to the lack of access to such technical education.
    In essence SaralTA 101 aims to make these youths employable by giving them the required exposure to ICT and training them in the basic management of specific applications that are being used in the organizations and institutions in the rural areas.

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