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The journey of SaralTA

    There are rural youth who are bright in school but not employable because they are not technically trained. Due to the lack of opportunities and resources, these youth do not have access to such technical education. They are seen as a burden on society and are a matter of concern for policy makers. These youths can be made employable if they are given adequate training in skill set that is in demand in the growing industry.
    Growth of software industry in India demands adequate supply of human resources. Unfortunately, trained human resource supply is inadequate. The IT requirement in rural India is also growing and supply of trained human resources remains inadequate. A study has been conducted by Saral Services, a not-profit-society, along with Universities in UK, on application of ICT in rural India. One of the key findingsof the study is that IT adoption by rural based MFIs and District Cooperative Banks is handicapped due to inadequate supply of IT trained persons.
    Then, Saral Services planned to launch two training programs for rural youths in software testing and software maintenance support, including software development to enhance their employability. It was decided that the training would be followed by internship with Safal Solutions or any other company for a period of minimum of one year.

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