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Learning Objectives

1.Computer Literate:
They will be able to start assemble a computer, install operating system, install software packages MS office, Outlook, Open office, Anti virus, in addition to application software (understanding the versions) and related databases. They will be able to set up networking of two or more computers.

2. Basic Software Trouble Shooting Skills:
They will be able to trouble shoot if something goes wrong, and if it is beyond their abilities they will be able to report the problem to the technical support team accurately and clearly state problem for which the solution is expected. They will be able to implement the solution provided by the technical support team.

3. Basic Management and Administration Skills:
They will be able to work systematically and in an organized manner with proper time management. They will plan their activities, preparing small strategy notes and checklists of tasks to be done. They will document processes to be able to report better and in a regular manner.

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