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Rules and regulations for trainee

1.    Trainee is required to seriously maintain discipline during his stay
       at the academy and follow the norms set by the Academy strictly.
2.   Any breach of norms on his/her part will invite punitive action and
       he may even be asked to leave the Academy at short notice.
3.   If any trainee candidate quits the training in between, in any
       circumstances, the expenditure incurred on him/her will be fully
       recovered along with exit fees of 25% of the expenditure incurred
       on him/ her by the Academy. Trainee will be liable to pay this
       amount in all such cases.
4.   The training demands total attention and involvement from the
       trainees. The parents/ legal guardians can visit their wards only
       with the prior permission of Asst Training Coordinator during the
       training period of four months to avoid distracting the trainees.
5.   No leave will be granted to the trainees during the training period.
       Only in cases of extreme emergency the competent authority of
       the academy can be appealed to and his/ her decision will be final
       and binding.
6.   Trainees are not permitted to use any electronic-gadgets for
       entertainment. The cell-phones can be used only with the prior
       permission of the competent authority.

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