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Rules and regulations for trainee

7.    The original certificates of trainees from matriculation and
       onwards will be the property of the Academy till the training
       period/ loan period is over.
8.    The Academy will arrange the loan for the training which will be
       recovered from trainee once he/she starts getting salary after
       getting appointment.
9.    Weekly/Monthly/Tri-monthly/ training end tests will be conducted
       and trainee is required to pass the same. The evaluation and
       review of trainees will be done after the completion of every month
       based on these tests. This evaluation and review will be one of
       the criteria for continuation of the trainee in the Academy.
10.  Trainees are required to go through an internship of one year
       that starts after the completion of the training. This internship is
       an intrinsic part of the training.
11.  A written declaration from the parent/ legal guardian is required
       that he/ she takes full responsibility for the proper conduct of the
       trainee, and, re-imbursement of charges in case trainee leaves or
       is asked to leave before the completion of the training;
12.  Trainees will be subject to medical health examination in
       Hyderabad and have to be medically fit for continuation in

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